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If you want to protect your family, your inheritance, or your home we can help you.

Despite their importance, Wills are one of the most overlooked legal documents in the UK. Many people assume that they simply don’t need a Will and that any assets will automatically be passed down to family once they pass. Others – quite understandably – struggle with contemplating the end of their life. However, for most people, it just isn’t considered a priority.

The reality is that events occur in everyone’s lives, some are planned, others aren’t, and taking the time to make arrangements now will protect the people you love in future.

At Prior Knowledge Will Writers, our priority is ensuring that each of our clients feels completely reassured that their affairs are in order when the time comes. We aim to make the process as easy as possible by visiting you in the comfort of your own home or providing guidance over the phone or by video chat.

We have deep knowledge and significant experience in will writing, lasting power of attorney – both health and welfare LPA and property and financial LPA – as well as trusts including discretionary trusts, bare trusts, interest in possession trusts and settlor interested trusts and are proud to provide support throughout the UK.