Free trusts consultation May 2024

I talk a lot to my clients about Trusts. For some they see it as some highfalutin’ concept that doesn’t apply to them. Or even when they accept and see the benefits of a Trust, some struggle with the concept of, “putting your home in Trust”.

So, in reality, what does putting your home in Trust actually mean? Clearly the home doesn’t physically move anywhere; it stays exactly where it is.

Rather, putting a home in Trust is effected by merely altering the property title deeds to show that either the property is either owned by a surviving partner/spouse and trustees, or by trustees alone. That, in a nutshell, is what we mean by placing a property in trust. Unless someone checks the Title Deeds at HM Land Registry, there is normally no way of knowing whether a house, or part of it, is in a trust or not.

The word ‘Trust’ is in itself a very generic term. If I use the word ‘car’, a car could be any number of things: a saloon, hatchback, estate, SUV, coupe, a 4 x 4, and so on. Likewise a Trust could be discretionary; life interest; bare; inter-vivos or vulnerable persons, to name but a few.

So if you would like to know the various trusts that are available and their uses and benefits, why not book your FREE consultation with Prior Knowledge.

We visit clients in their homes, day time or evening, or clients can come to our office in Epping, Essex or Skipton, North Yorkshire. In many, many cases, a Trust can be the best option for our clients.