A great sense of joy and pride – what a great way to start the New Year!

As a small business owner, I always get a great thrill when a client comes to me direct. Particularly so when they say they found me on the internet and were motivated to get in contact after reading my reviews.

And it got me thinking. On my ‘Google My Business’ page I have all 5 star reviews. Very powerful. But I am a relative newcomer to Google Reviews for my own business.

But I have an Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) page, that has been accumulating reviews for years and years. I look at it periodically, and when I looked yesterday I now have a score of 4.73 out of 5, from 270 reviews. Yes, 270! I feel a great sense of joy and pride at how consistent these scores are; and not just from a handful of clients, but from approaching 300 of them. And this has come from 20 years of trading and client service.

Google reviews are incredibly powerful, but what, for me, gives the IPW reviews perhaps at least equal value, is that they are all independently verified, by the IPW. Clients get given a paper-based questionnaire by me that they complete and send back to IPW Towers, for them to be independently verified before being posted on to my page. Here is that page.

So as we start another year, how wonderful it would be for me to make it 300 very positive IPW reviews by January 2025, and to try to move the average from 4.73 to 4.75…………..or even 4.8! Happy New Year….