‘Adopted Northerner’ Marcos commutes to Skipton from Essex

So. I have kept the opening of my Skipton, North Yorkshire office fairly low key thus far.

But thanks to the excellent PR work by the amazing Antonia ‘Telling Your Story’ Brickell I had some wonderful coverage over the past 10 days or so. First to break was the Craven Herald. The story went online on 3rd August, and I was the most read story that day apparently. I was then featured in the printed newspaper version, a week later.

5 days after that on 8th August a 9-minute interview went out on the Breakfast Show with Stuart Clarkson on Rombalds Radio.

To further cement my place in the community, in October I shall be running a free ‘Wills Surgery’ in Skipton on 2 consecutive days. Anybody can book a free half an hour session with me to discuss any concerns they may have around an existing Will, or to discuss making a Will. It will just be a taster, but we can discuss any issue the client wishes to for 30 minutes. Although free, I am asking for a £10 donation per person to go to SELFA charity, which is a charity based in Skipton helping young, vulnerable children. I will be posting more about this next week.

If you know of anyone in the Skipton area who would like to attend and have a fee half hour char, whilst raising money for charity, please put them in touch.