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Personal risks in being a will executor

Are you worried about personal risks in being a will executor? The executor to an estate has the job of winding up someone’s affairs after their death. It is a job that involves both [...]

New excepted estate rules

New excepted estate rules - From January 2022, it is no longer necessary to complete Inheritance Tax form 205 if an estate is exempt from Inheritance Tax. Some estates are excepted from the need [...]

Why do unmarried couples need a Will?

If you die without leaving a valid Will, your property must be shared out according to the rules of intestacy. Intestacy rules are set out in law and ultimately decide who benefits from your [...]

Things you should consider when making a Will

The things you should consider when making a Will. The morbidity associated with writing a Will can make the entire prospect seem overwhelming and is often the reason people put off making one. However, [...]