Claiming for Care Costs

Paying for care, claim what is rightfully yours

Claim attendance allowance
This is a non-means tested, non-taxable benefit paid weekly at the lower rate of £43.15 if you need care by day or night or at a higher rate of £64.50 if you need care by day and night.

Council tax exemption
If your property is left empty while you move into care, you could receive a full exemption from council tax until it is sold.

Fees assistance
The local authority should disregard the value of your property for the first 12 weeks of residential care and assist you with your fees if your other capital is below £21,500 in England and Northern Ireland and you meet the other assessment criteria of their local authority. Limits are different for Wales (£22,000) and Scotland (£20,750).

Securing state assistance
For people paying for care from a joint account, you may wish to consider spliting the account into separate single accounts to benefit from state assistance as early as possible.

Care funding
Guaranteeing a payment of care with a care fee or immediate care annuity is a lump sum paid to an insurance company, which promises to meet certain set payments for the rest of the policyholder’s life.

NHS contribution
Claim an NHS contribution towards nursing home fees, even if you are only staying for a short respite period.

Claiming your entitlement
If you are on the highest band of NHS contribution, make sure you are not entitled to full NHS funding. The NHS has to pay for your care if the need for care primarily results from a health need.

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Levels and bases of, and reliefs from, taxation are subject to change.