Happy Birthday to …. me.

In January 2004, I started working as a Willwriter and Estate Planner after having bought a franchise.

So this year, 2024, marks my 20th anniversary and I was delighted and honoured to have spent an evening with family, business colleagues and friends in a Greek restaurant in North London to commemorate this achievement. Thank you to all those that gave up their time and made the effort to celebrate with me.

I have seen a lot of changes in that time: the transferable nil rate band; the resident nil rate band; successive governments of both colours ‘promising’ to deal with paying for long term care; the introduction of technology; and, at least 2 recessions. Who knows what the next 20 years will bring?

I offer my thanks to the 3,000 or so clients that I have served in that time, and to the hundreds of professionals that I have encountered along the way in networking groups and so forth. I hope to be serving at least another 3,000 in the ensuing years, and I hope and look forward to my path crossing many more hundreds of individuals, professionals and others in the business
& professional world and not.