Hard work, dedication and good customer service, roll on 2024.

I had a very successful trip a few weeks ago to my office in Skipton.

I held a free Wills Surgery, over two days, with a £10 donation going to the local disadvantaged/vulnerable Children’s’ charity SELFA. The idea was that local people could visit me and discuss anything they wanted to discuss about Wills/Estate Planning, for free, save for a £10 per person charity donation to SELFA. Maybe they had a current Will that that they wanted reviewing, or maybe they were thinking of making a Will for the first time.

And, of course, everything in between.

It was a great 2 days: I met several clients and raised the useful sum of £200, to support the magnificent work that SELFA already do in the Craven District area.

I met with the lovely Nicole from SELFA over coffee and we have agreed an action plan for 2024, the first part being that I will be repeating the Wills Surgery in March next year in the same format as last month. Going forward we plan to work closer together as there is a clear synergy in what we do. In March I shall be visiting SELFA’s offices to meet the rest of the team and to forge an even closer relationship, I hope.

SELFA do magnificent work and I am delighted to be working with them going forward. It was also a pleasure to have met with Andrew Payne, an accountant and Lee Windle an IFA, who operate two businesses locally, and I hope that we will, over time, be able to work closer together now and in the future.

I am excited about the way things are already progressing in Skipton and with hard work, dedication and good customer service, I hope that 2024 will see the next stage of development up there. With every visit to Skipton, I become more and more excited and optimistic about the future of Prior Knowledge there. 2023 was only ever intended to be a ‘foundation’ year but
things have developed more than I could have hoped or anticipated.

So, if you have any personal, private or business contacts in Skipton specifically or North Yorkshire generally who you feel may benefit from my free Will Surgery in Skipton in March, I would be delighted to speak to them.