How much does a will cost?

The cost of making a will is really dependent on your personal circumstances and what your wishes are, it’s a bit like asking how much is a car?

When discussing your situation we look to see the potential savings your beneficiaries can gain, you will probably find that planning now can save thousands in tax in the future.

One thing to consider, a cheap price is not always the best option. For example we have found will writing companies that will write your basic will free of charge and act as executors for 1% of the value of the estate, sounds great right? WRONG, 1% of a estate valued at £200,000 is £2000, is that value for money?

We also look to see ways we can save your home from care costs, as we find that clients have this as their number one priority.

One thing we always do is to ensure that your will is witnessed and completed correctly, this means that we always have a second visit. Please ensure that when you plan your estate you check that the will writer is actually writing the will himself / herself, as an off the shelf solution for a will might not offer the protection you need, remember one size doesn’t always fit all.

When do you actually know how much does a will cost?

When looking at cost it is important to remember that the advice and solution that may cost a few hundred pounds now could potentially save your beneficiaries thousands in future tax.

We can help with Basic and mirrored wills, discretionary trusts, protective property trusts, lifetime interest trusts, living wills and the secure storage of your will.

We just aim to give you the best service now, we work on a referral basis so our future success is based on your experience of our service.


a will can save you money, how much does a will cost?