If you have bank accounts, property and other assets, then probate and estate administration will be needed when you die regardless of whether or not you have a Will, and your loved ones will be responsible.

The Pre-Paid Probate Plan covers all the legal expenses to obtain Probate and Administer your Estate regardless of the value or complexity.

Peace of mind for your loved ones provided by experienced professionals

As you can imagine or may well have experienced dealing with the death of a loved one can be one of the most distressing times in a persons’ life and many will struggle to cope.

It’s therefore of no surprise that the idea of estate administration will be daunting for most people not only will they not have the experience or knowledge to know what to do but they will be faced with the challenge when emotionally they will be least able to cope.

Individual Plan


Couple Plan


Monthly Plan


With the Pre-Paid Probate Plan your loved ones will no longer have to;

  • Worry about registering your death and arranging your funeral.

  • Ensure your assets are secure and protected during the process removing personal liability.

  • Interpret the complex laws surrounding your Will or the intestacy provisions.

  • Identify, value and collect in your assets. This includes having to call and write to all of the organisations with whom you have assets or owe money to, as well as arranging for the sale or transfer of any property and investments.

  • Arrange for the statutory notices to be placed as recommended by law in accordance with s.27 Trustee Act 1925

  • Notify the other beneficiaries of their entitlement, obtain their identification and submit bankruptcy checks.

  • Prepare court documents to apply for the grant of representation and liaise with the court directly.

  • Calculate the Inheritance Tax (IHT) position, submit the correct IHT account to the HMRC and arrange payment of the IHT due.

  • Ensure any relevant Inheritance Tax exemptions and reliefs are fully utilised.

  • Ensure the beneficiaries receive their full entitlement under your Will or intestacy.

  • Keep in correspondence with HMRC regarding Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and IHT.

  • Keep in touch with the beneficiaries throughout, so that they know what is going on and what to expect.

  • Ensure full payment of all of your debts and liabilities from your estate, as well as expenses incurred during the administration period which must be correctly documented.

  • Prepare the estate accounts and distribute these to the beneficiaries and to the court where required.

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