Special Commendation…

About a month ago I announced that I was a finalist in the ‘Legal Growth Best Small Business’ Award. At that point I said that I already felt a winner for having made the shortlist, and I wished the other excellent finalists well. I was very pleased to have got that far.

The reality is, that I didn’t expect to win. And that was the outcome.

However, what I also did NOT expect was that I would win ‘SPECIAL COMMENDATION’. Imagine my delight and pride in effectively coming second.

And amongst such excellent competition as well.

This was a real moment for me, and in my 20th anniversary year too. Not only to have ‘Special Commendation’, but against such worthy other finalists as well. Feels almost like a double win. I am very grateful to the independent judging team. Thank you.

So in in the last year, I have now won two awards.

My business has always been just me, and there have been, and always will be, challenges along the way. But to be recognised for my efforts in giving good advice, is humbling indeed.