What advice do you have for families with disabled and/or vulnerable children?

It’s funny how things go in cycles. Recently we have had quite a few clients with disabled and/or vulnerable children.

In such cases, there are several things to consider. First, if that child is vulnerable, then any inheritance they receive could be squandered very quickly indeed, either because they have no concept of money or, they get taken advantage of. There are many people out there who would take great pleasure in spending a vulnerable person’s money for them.

Second, if an adult child is on means-tested benefits then any inheritance, even a fairly modest one, will severely affect those benefits or even stop them completely. I have yet to meet a single client who is, or would be, happy with that scenario.

Third, if after the death of the parents, the child then needs to go into residential care, any inheritance would be used to fund that care, rather than for the benefit and enjoyment of the child.

In the light of all that, some clients say that it is better to exclude that child completely rather than fall foul of any of those risks. But excluding a ‘dependant’ child is really an unpalatable option and fraught with all kinds of difficulties and problems and even challenges.

At Prior Knowledge, on the other hand, we are able to offer solutions for our clients to deal with all those issues, and more. With nearly 20 years of experience, and as Fellows of the Institute of Professional Willwriters, AND operating within a Trading Standards Institute Code of Practice, we always offer a free and non-obligatory first consultation.

Contact us and let us know if we can help you or any friends or family who may be in this predicament. Good and proper advice is incredibly important.